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FUT 20: Flashback Wylan Cyprien SBC

2020-06-01 02:53

The Frenchman was a star of the FUT 17 TOTS and now you can snatch that card in FUT 20! EA is adoring their SBC's right now – an exceptionally decent, yet over the top expensive, Lucas Moura card dropped yesterday – and today it's a flashback to a previous TOTS star!

Lille midfielder Wylan Cyprien included in the FUT 17 Ligue 1 TOTS and that card has been reproduced and reconsidered for FUT 20, with not one but rather two forms of the Frenchman accessible by means of this restricted time SBC.

Here is all the key data you have to know to assist you with choosing which, assuming any, you ought to pick!

Expiry Date

This Wylan Cyprien SBC won't be around for long! It will run for only 48 hours, lapsing on Tuesday, June 2.

Prerequisites and Estimated Cost

Similar to the case with these duel Flashback SBC's, there are two separate arrangements of prerequisites in the event that you settle on the base or premium variant of the card.

The prerequisites for the base Flashback Cyprien are as per the following:

Flashback Wylan Cyprien

Least of one Ligue 1 Conforama player

Least of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments players

Least Squad Rating of 85

Least Team Chemistry of 80

All out COST: 115.8k PS4/110.95k Xbox One

Premium Flashback Cyprien

There are three crews that should be submitted so as to open the excellent form of this Cyprien card. The necessities for every one of the three of these crews are as per the following:

Les Bleus

Least of one French player

Least Squad Rating of 84

Least Team Chemistry of 80

Prize: One Small Prime Gold Player Pack

Cost: 44.9k PS4/43.5k Xbox One

Ligue 1 Conforama

Least of one Ligue 1 Conforama player

Least Squad Rating of 86

Least Team Chemistry of 70

Prize: One Premium Gold Players Pack

Cost: 113.7k PS4/109.55k Xbox One

Top Performer

of one TOTSSF, TOTW or TOTW Moments Players

Least Squad Rating of 86

Least Team Chemistry of 70

Prize: One Rare Mixed Players Pack

Cost: 116.35k PS4/108.6k Xbox One

Complete COST: 274.85k PS4/261.65k Xbox One

Worth it ?

Clearly both of these cards are generally excellent, yet it's an issue of whether the Premium Cyprien merits the additional money!

Truth be told it relies upon where you are going to play him. In the event that you're going to play him as he comes, a CM, at that point we'd state yes because of the huge redesigns you get to his passing and spilling, the two of which bounce up four evaluations.

In case you're hoping to play him as a CDM and don't foresee that you're going to utilize him a lot in your development play, at that point his 88-appraised base variant ought to carry out the responsibility all around ok. Clearly it's a given that his superior variant will be better.

His feeble foot (3*) and ability moves (4*) are the equivalent on the two cards just like his work rates (M/M) so there's no compelling reason to stress over that when settling on your choice.

Taking a gander at it from an incentive for cash point of view, at minimal over 100k contrast, it is most likely worth going for the top-notch form of the card. Anyway, as we said the base rendition, especially as a CDM, will do a sufficient activity in the event that you'd preferably spare your coins.

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